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You want to replace the lamps on your vehicle but don’t know which model is the right one? This is where the Vehicle Lamp Finder can help. Whether you drive a car or truck or ride a motorbike, this tool will find the right headlight lamps, high-beam lamps, fog light lamps, turn signal lights and much more.

NEW: now with an updated product portfolio, interior lighting and a wide range of accessories for your vehicle! Click on the picture above and test the popular OSRAM tool in the new design now.

Right lamps for your vehicle – it couldn’t be simpler

Just enter the brand, model and type of vehicle and you will see a list of suitable lamps from OSRAM. The best thing about the Vehicle Lamp Finder is that you can choose between standard ORIGINAL LINE lamps and innovative products such as COOL BLUE INTENSE or NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED. You can therefore equip your vehicle with lamps from a single family that are perfectly matched to one another. For details of each lamp see our product catalog.

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Find suitable lamps for your truck.
Find suitable lamps for your motorcycle.
Find suitable lamps for interior and exterior ligthing.

Important information
Please be aware that, in exceptional cases, no specific lamp information can be provided. This is due to the wide variety of different models and versions. No liability is assumed for errors. In case of doubt, the manufacturer's specifications are binding. If you experience problems, most authorized service garages will help you find the right solution for your vehicle and your specific requirements.

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