Sustainability at OSRAM

Sustainability at OSRAM

As a solution provider for products and systems, we base our strategic decisions on a holistic and integrated concept considering all three pillars of sustainability – economy, environment, society – which is setting the framework for all our thoughts and actions.

Our Mission
We provide our major stakeholders with a comprehensive and transparent picture on the positioning of OSRAM, as far as sustainability is concerned, and are an acknowledged and reliable partner, promoting sustainability within the lighting industry and beyond.


  • At a glance
  • History
  • Sustainability Governance

Strategic Focus

  • Introduction - Sustainability at OSRAM
  • Stakeholder Dialogue


  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Innovation Management
  • Supplier Management  
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Quality Management


  • Environmental Management
  • Climate Strategy
  • Water Management
  • Operational Eco-Efficiency
  • Environmental Reporting  
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Recycling  


  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Social Reporting
  • Talent Attraction
  • Labor Practices
  • Diversity
  • Learning and Development
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Off-Grid Lighting
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