Light art festival „Lights in Alingsås" supported by OSRAM

The Nolhaga Slott manor house in the swedish Alingsås was illuminated by young lighting designers.
(Photo: Patrik Gunar)
Application:  Effect lighting
Technology:  LED, Light Management Systems (LMS)
Target group:  Architect, General public, Lighting Designer

Light art festival „Lights in Alingsås" supported by OSRAM

OSRAM supported young lighting designers in the design of one of Europe's most fascinating light art festivals "Lights in Alingsås" end of 2014 near Gothenburg.

A town, six renowned lighting designers and a large number of young, innovative lighting design students seeking to explore new vistas: this was "Lights in Alingsås". For five weeks at the end of last year the small town of Alingsås near Gothenburg in the southwest of Sweden was transformed into an immense light art and design exhibition. The festival focused on training young lighting designers in the theory and practice of cutting-edge light design. Under instruction by an experienced lighting designer, each of six teams of students created the illumination of an object or a specific location in Alingsås.

A great opportunity for young lighting designers

OSRAM supported two of the student teams by providing both the products required  - also from OSRAM subsidiary Traxon Technologies - and the necessary experience. The students interpreted the music of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg in order to develop lighting concepts for the splendid Nolhaga Slott manor house and the Gläntan residence. To make sure the implementation of the students' ideas turned out to be a great success the students were trained by OSRAM. Within the scope of small workshop groups he familiarized them with the individual products and components as well as their correct cabling. In order to implement the students' ideas and visions, OSRAM provided technical resources and performed the programming required for the projects.

The result can be rightfully called a feast for the eyes. The light festival is of immense benefit to visitors, students, professional lighting designers and the lighting industry alike. The projects are not only a cultural enrichment for the town of Alingsås, but also a great opportunity for young lighting designers to gain practical experience and make long-term contacts. The festival was an amazing success for OSRAM, too. It provided an excellent platform to establish contacts with leading lighting designers. First and foremost the excellently designed and highly admired lighting installations provide impressive proof of how important it is to support young lighting designers and establish long-term cooperations with them.

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