Mini Midled - highly efficient IR emitter for smartphones and tablet computers

With an efficient 940 nm IRED your smartphone or tablet computer becomes a remote control.
Application:  Home, Industrial applications
Technology:  Infrared (IR)
Target group:  General public

Mini Midled – highly efficient IR emitter for smartphones and tablet computers

OSRAM has now expanded its portfolio with the addition of components that are tailored more closely than ever before to the demands of remote control applications. The 940 nm Mini Midled SFH 4441 is the latest addition to the family of IR emitters with an internal reflector for beam shaping. This 940 nm emitter from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors features highly efficient thin-film chip technology so it takes up very little space and offers high optical output without excessive drain on the battery.

IRED - infrared light emitting diodes as powerful emitters

Equipped with an infrared light emitting diode (IRED) on the top, a cell phone or tablet computer can be used to control TVs, DVD players and other entertainment equipment. When combined with appropriate apps they open up a complete range of new and exciting options. The IRED installed in phones and tablets include not only the radial versions that are traditionally used for remote controls but also small powerful SMT emitters. For the new application the IRED must deliver infrared light with a wavelength of 940 nanometers and a narrow beam angle between +- 9 and +-30 degrees. Low power consumption and small form factors are of course essential for components designed to be used in portable devices.

Mini Midled – smaller size, higher performance

The 940 nm Mini Midled SFH 4441 has a footprint of 2.3 x 1.95 millimeters and is only 0.9 mm high, but in terms of its beam angle (+- 17°) and optical output it is almost identical to the somewhat larger Midled. The low-profile emitter produces a radiant intensity of 60 milliwatts per solid angle from 100 milliamps.

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