LED fog lights, LED daytime running lights and more - for better visibility on the road

This is the time when you need to choose the right car lamps - with suitable products from OSRAM.
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Technology:  Tungsten halogen, HID, LED
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Better visibility on the road in autumn – with the suitable car lamps from OSRAM

Car drivers are familiar with the perennial problem in late autumn and winter: the days get shorter, the roads are wet and fog reduces visibility. This is the time when you need to choose the right car lamps. OSRAM has the ideal solution ready and waiting: high-performance LED fog lights as well as LED daytime running lights for better vision and visibility, our top NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED headlight lamps, and the handy accessory for emergencies. These products will prepare you properly for your next car journey during the season.

LEDriving LED fog lights: more power and light with LED

With LEDriving, the conversion to modern LED fog lights is easier than ever. The products offer an ideal replacement for many traditional fog headlamps. Our LEDriving fog lights impress with modern LED technology, bright light, long life and an OSRAM guarantee of up to 5 years. The perfect companion on autumnal roads.


We offer three different high-performance fog lights:

  • LEDriving FOG – a practical combination of LED fog lights and LED daylight running lights
  • LEDriving FOG PL – available in five colors for an individual look
  • LEDriving F1 – optimized lane illumination and more visibility on the road

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