Light control for architecture lighting - transforms masterpieces into dazzling jewels

Architecture lighting at the Crystal Hall in Baku from Traxon Technologies

Exciting lighting for architectural highlights - indoor and outdoor. Light creates a great and memorable experience, when it's presented properly.

The OSRAM company Traxon Technologies is, with its brand e:cue, the worldwide leader in sustainable and intelligent solutions for solid state lighting and their control systems.

Traxon Technologies delivers integrated solutions that add a certain touch to architecture, the hospitality industry and retail stores. From the first creative vision through product development and planning as well as on-site project management, all the way to perfect lighting made-tomeasure for the customer.

Light management für architecture lighting

Together with leading companies in the areas of lighting design architecture and technology, iconic architecture becomes a masterpiece of light: whether the YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Esprit flagship store in Frankfurt or the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

Not without reason, projects from Traxon Technologies have been honored with prestigious awards such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. And with a whole lot of spellbound faces.

Architecture and stadium lighting. Exciting light production with technology from Traxon Technologies
National stadium in Warsaw: an oversized presentation panel. Equipped with 1,700 LEDs.

Project example: National stadium in Warsaw

Stadium lighting does not only have to illuminate – it must inspire and activate, inside and outside. For this reason, products from Traxon Technologies transformed the facade of the new National Stadium in Warsaw into an oversized presentation panel. Equipped with 1,700 LEDs, it can now be illuminated with the Polish national colors and transport the names of the goal-scorers to the outside. Proof that with the right light, true size knows no limits.


Lighting solutions from Traxon / e:cue
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