KREIOS: Efficient and versatile entertainment luminaires with LED technology

Kreios Projectors

KREIOS - the efficient LED luminaires from OSRAM offer a wide diversity of creative lighting possibilities for the entertainment, event and architectural sectors. The high performance product range has a lot to offer: the flexible KREIOS G1 LED image projectors and the robust and highly versatile KREIOS SL and KREIOS FL LED fixtures.

The KREIOS G1 gobo projector projects brand names, logos and other messages with the aid of standard or individually created gobos, KREIOS SL with its zoomable light source is suitable for a wide variety of lighting applications and KREIOS FL ensures the optimal illumination of large work surfaces.

Discover for yourself the many advantages of the KREIOS LED product range: product details, applications, questions and answers - everything at a glance.


KREIOS G1 - the efficient LED image projector is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With the aid of gobos, the luminaire projects brand names, logos and other messages onto walls, floors or objects. Especially effective: high brightness and outstanding sharpness.

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