OSRAM ECGs – perfect combination for long-lasting energy-efficient light

Future-proof with experience from more than 800 million installed OSRAM ECGs

Provide today what tomorrow requires. New and innovative systems with a wide range of possible applications. Example: Variable lumen values in the same fixture. This halves the number of luminaire types and simplifies fixture handling for OEMs, trade and users.

Perfect combination

You can expect more than just control gear. You can expect a perfect system. As one of the world’s two leading suppliers of ECGs and lamps, OSRAM can provide you with perfectly matched high-quality ECGs and lamps. An unbeatable combination. Whatever your requirements you can be sure of the ideal solution.

Your benefits

  • Exceptional energy efficiency in lighting systems
  • Maximum reliability in system operation
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Simple installation
  • ECGs, lamps and service from a single source
  • Compliance with the latest regulations, and allowance for planned regulations


If you rely on OSRAM ECGs you can expect high energy efficiency and reduced costs. The outstanding reliability of the products has been proved over many years. Precise temperature and lifetime data give planners a sense of security. Even in thermally critical applications there are only minimal ECG failures in fixtures with long operating times.

The performance of OSRAM ECGs is significantly better than the market standard at 50,000 hours for a maximum failure rate of 10%. Thanks to this excellent reliability, OSRAM ECGs are the choice not only of leading fixture manufacturers but also renowned major users throughout the world.


Potential energy savings

OSRAM ECGs that have already been installed are saving around 10 million tonnes of CO2 each year. You can save up to 90 kilograms of CO2 per year per fixture simply by switching to a reliable dimmable ECGs and lighting control system.

Worldwide, the potential annual savings in CO2 emissions from installing state-of-the-art electronic control ad light management systems is estimated to be 160 million tonnes.

A guarantee of up to eight years

Our customers place their trust in us. In return we offer them guarantees that stretch for years. We provide a three-year guarantee on each OSRAM ECG. In combination with OSRAM lamps this ECG guarantee increases to as much as eight years.


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Professional knowledge

OSRAM offers ECGs for fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps, LED modules, low-voltage halogen lamps and high-intensity discharge lamp. Find out everything you need to know about the operation, applications and benefits of electronic control gear.


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